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Fleet Management System圖-1.png
Fleet Management System圖-2.png

Keeping fleets running efficiently and on budget. Customizable dashboard, performance and analytics with integrated fleet tracking, fleet operator can view all drivers on a map and detect driving behavior and vehicle misuse.

Fleet Management System

Transportation Management Systems

Integration of driver alcohol detection, bio tests and other customized requirements to ensure dispatch and assignment meet criteria. Driver authentication function can also be added.


Merchandise dispatching, vehicle selection, Route planning and optimization, dovetailed with ERP software can all be done to meet today’s logistic complexity

Transportation management system-2.png
Transportation management system-1.png

Driver Management Systems

Monitors and detects diverse aspects of driver behavior to identify potentially dangerous or activities such as yawning and smoking and signs of tiredness and inattentiveness to boost on-the-road safety. By providing objective and relevant real-time data that can be synchronized with the cloud, it also enables fleet operator to identify issues that can potentially impact the performance and health of their drivers and take the necessary steps to address specific issue.


Driver performance scoring sub-system also helps fleet operator to select appropriated driver, planned route and merchandise suitability to ensure dispatch optimization.

Driver Management system-1.png
Driver Management system-2.png

Video and Event Management Systems

Utilizing HTTP Live streaming technology, video can be streamed, recorded and retrieved efficiently and effectively in various resolution and to almost every device. Cloud-based storage provides fast, low costs, high durable storage for video access in public or private or hybrid clouds.


Recorded video can also be used for truck driver training and pre-caution warning for next dispatching.

Video and Event management system圖-2.png
Video and Event management system圖-1.png



Heavy kit for class 7-8
Commercial vehicle


Light kit for class 1-6
Commercial vehicle

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