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We Aim to Build a Better World

We Build for Safe

We Challenge for Safety


We Cooperate for Safety


Our Mission

We Aim to Build a Better World

EGK has been specialized in developing & operating driving safety market for more than ten years. In the past few years, EGK has grown from an equipment installation OEM company to the comprehensive automotive safety system solution provider. We’re from a two-person company to medium-sized enterprises with forty people & from hardware integration to the SW development. All these achievements and progress come from a belief that we will not stop until every car on the road is safe.
We're starting from the most dangerous and hardest market customers and supplying most comprehensive total solution. 

The English abbreviation EGK of our company is Evolution Great Tek, which means to lead the continuous advancement of technology through endless evolution.

The company's marketing strategies are all based on a complete large-scale supply chain, and the goal is that the entire system is fully used. In other words, we have to become an industry target with market scale, highest feasibility and highest overall benefit as indicator. EGK has realized industrial gas supply chain, chemical supply chain, petrochemical supply chain, cold chain logistics industry, convenience store supply chain, gravel building material supply chain and technology logistics industry.

EGK system services can continue to be connected with each industry chain to achieve higher management efficiency and progress together with customers. These world-class and industry-leading customers who support EGK to become an indispensable long-term management system strategic partner for them.

EGK merged by  Carota in 2022 and provides SAAS, PAAS, IAAS system services in the fields of people, goods, and vehicle management, data analysis and supply chain, to synergize OTA, Fleet Management Services, Driver Management Services, Video Management Services, and Transportation Management Services.

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